The Movement Challenge

You will improve your productivity and feel happier while creating a virtual community in only 5 days.

Seraphina created The Movement Challenge in the beginning of 2020 when the world became virtual in response to COVID-19. Connection to community and maintaining positive mental and physical health became very challenging. Prior to Covid, loneliness had already been declared a public health epidemic, and suddenly it had become even harder to feel happy or productive. It was time to ask an important question:

While stuck at home, how can people strengthen their relationships and interpersonal skills while preventing isolation and negative physical and psychological effects?

Seraphina’s answer:

The Movement Challenge: a daily virtual tool that begins enhancing connection and productivity immediately.

For 5 days, participants will take 15 minutes to build mental and physical connection through fine-tuned exercises, video, and a virtual community to hold each other accountable.

A unique approach to team-building, The Movement Challenge has received positive feedback from participants around the world. A highly adaptable exercise for corporate settings to arts and education organizations. To learn more and book a Movement Challenge, send Seraphina an email.

Stay tuned for details on an in-person Movement Challenge retreat post COVID-19.


Participating in Seraphina’s movement challenges has been a joy and a deep learning experience for me. Having been a part of all 10 rounds of challenges, I was truly struck by the welcoming, open, and accepting space Seraphina was able to create through an experience which occurred completely remotely, due to the unprecedented circumstances of being in lockdown. Seraphina created a space, however, that encouraged dancers and non-dancers alike to move together in unity while each in our own respective spaces. I could feel that with each round, a sense of community developed quickly and I deeply appreciated being a part of a space where I felt like I was being held accountable to integrate movement in my daily routine in a gentle and loving way. Seraphina’s various prompts and suggestions for our daily 15 minutes of movement inspired me to shift perspective and move my body in ways I hadn’t thought of and I found that through reflecting on the experience I had in those 15 minutes in a shared space allowed me to be more present and reflective in my own movement outside of the challenges. I felt motivated and excited to move my body not only for the purpose of sharing with the group, but also to witness the movement of others around the globe who were a part of the collective sharing of experiences. For each movement challenge Seraphina brought to the table new thought-provoking prompts which everyone interpreted differently, and in turn, each challenge brought out refreshing twists and turns. Partaking in this challenge from beginning to end has been one of the most unique and inspiring experiences I’ve had as a dancer, and I would gladly partake in 20 more if given the chance. -Alena Brocker

I and my partner thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Seraphina’s weekly movement challenges. We attended 2 during the summer of 2020. It provided us with a fun respite during the quarantine and quenched our collective thirst for dancing. Seraphina was an able facilitator and created a trustful container by ensuring that only people who shared participated and that there were no lurkers. The daily tasks she designed were very thoughtful and provided an opportunity to introspect via movement - a much needed change away from the mostly intellectual/brainy introspective modalities that occupy our society right now. -Vighnesh Rege

Seraphina seamlessly creates intentional, non critical, virtual spaces that bring strangers together around freedom and acceptance through movement. She encourages each participant to show up as they feel able and to show up for the group just as much. I am so grateful to have joined in on the movement challenges she led. I feel connected to people I may never meet in person, and feel more deeply rooted in my creative expression because of this community’s support. -Zoe Edmiston

The relationship you have with your body is part of your relationship with yourself and with others. The Movement Challenge deepened my connection to my intuition, brought me closer to myself, and supported my healing journey. This was something I had been searching for a long time. A big part of the experience was the awesome community - through the openness and shared vulnerability of the people involved I felt seen and welcomed for who I am and who I trusted to show to others.

The Movement Challenge is a beautiful experience that invites a diverse group of individuals across the world to connect and communicate through their own unique expression of movement. It has been relevant and empowering in my life through good times and bad, serving as a personal mirror through the choices in my movements day-to-day, and the reflection of others movements participating in the challenge. The idea at its core is so simple, but that simplicity is where the magic happens. We often forget just how powerful movement can be, and when intentionally shared with a group of strangers I always find myself to feel lighter, more connected, and grounded in the body. We all have bodies, we all move… the movement challenge is an invitation to collectively share and celebrate this beautiful gift. -Alexander Todaro

Seraphina is a gifted dancer, leader and connector. In leading these movement challenges she brought together people from literally all over the world to move, shine and grow together. I felt trust, collaboration, heart and unique challenges in this experience. Seraphina shows up as loving, creative and supportive. -Rodney Umble

Participating in Seraphina’s movement challenge amidst such unsettling times helped me feel anchored and grounded into myself, movement, and community. I learned the depths of love and connection, regardless of how far apart we all may be. Getting to witness and be witnessed helped me feel a deep sense of belonging. Plus, this challenge brought me so much joy and helped me release so much emotion. -April Stolarz

Being a part of the Movement Challenge 2020 Series was the experience of a lifetime! I was met with difficult prompts, grace, vulnerability, and a beautiful safe space in which to experience myself, my body and my feelings as if for the first time. Whether a dancer, office manager, teacher, athlete or member of literally any other profession, this challenge will push you to see yourself in a completely new light. -Kate Widdowson

I feel incredibly grateful to Seraphina for creating a collaborative virtual dance project that encourages unique and dynamic forms of movement, and fosters a strong sense of community. -Patrick Sanders

Seraphina creates healing spaces based on physical movement. I participated in several challenges that she facilitated in the community that she built and loved the experience. The experiences allowed me to explore processing emotion, tension, stagnation, and more through movement. It taught me how to notice and really feel what’s happening sensationally in my body. I am so grateful to Seraphina for creating these creative containers! -Liz Merritt

Seraphina is a delight to work with! She is extremely thoughtful in how she directs groups, and balances her leadership in a way that feels like everyone is just participating alongside her. She has a creative, energetic, and reflective spirit that is infectious and inspiring to be around. -Alex Bittle

This was an incredible experience. Seraphina created a space that encouraged vulnerability and allowed connection with other participants to flourish. Encouraging each other to grow while we learned to express ourselves through dance was deeply meaningful.

The Movement Challenge calls on social practice, collectivized learning, and peer supported accountability to cultivate and curate an experience that is holistic and community-centered. The simplicity of the format generates a space of truthful creativity and authenticity that affords it’s participants the opportunity to share, witness, and learn from an integrated psycho-social and somatic place. -Marina Lopez

I didn’t know what it meant to feel free in my body until I participated in the Movement Challenge! Thank you, Seraphina for creating an authentic space for us to explore and express through movement! -Enbani Moore

Video compilations of past challenges

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