I facilitate connection—within individuals and between individuals. I guide people to explore their relationships with mind and body, move through their vulnerabilities, and find their ultimate goal: greater joy.

Tony Bacigalupo

Seraphina has mastered a coveted skill. She’s able to make the challenging process of gaining self-awareness and creating better personal habits/routines into an experience that isn’t scary. Even though I’d learned about connection from other coaches, the way she approached some of the basics gave me a much deeper understanding of how to connect with ease. After one session, connecting felt easier, both with myself and with another person. My new understanding did wonders for my confidence. My recommendation is to go book yourself some sessions!

Nell Merlino

Seraphina has a unique ability to help people connect across multiple platforms. I consider myself a strong and successful woman, having spent my life promoting women’s empowerment and economic independence, including being the creator of Take Your Daughter To Work Day and work with Hillary Clinton, and yet I was struggling to connect with my next stage of life. After working with Seraphina for only 6 weeks, I was able to draw on lessons from my past, plan for the future, and finally achieve exactly what I was seeking. I felt supported throughout the whole journey, even through the more vulnerable times. I highly recommend working with Seraphina.

Matthew Huff

Working with Seraphina was an incredibly profound experience. She was masterful in challenging me to step into my own power and leadership when connecting and moving with others. She took partner dancing, something that was bringing me anxiety even after a ton of work, and helped it become something totally natural for me to do with anyone, men, women, on the spot in any situation. Just dancing with her regardless of the lesson was healing in itself.

Working with Seraphina

You will grow in your personal and professional life, from dating to communication clarity to confidence.

You will learn to explore physical, mental, and emotional connection to yourself and others through movement and sound.

You will embody the creative process in new ways, experience greater connection, and transcend artistic limitations.

About Seraphina

Born under a tree in Woodstock, NY, Seraphina Mallon-Breiman is a native New York City creative and exquisite generalist living in Harlem with her cat and girlfriend. Seraphina spent her undergrad studying Sociology and Anthropology in Vermont and is passionate about the intersection of connection, the arts, cultural exchange, and sustainability.

Seraphina is known for extraordinary social intelligence, unstoppable positivity and motivation, and for creating long-lasting, deeply fulfilling partnerships. With a unique perspective on human behavior, Seraphina is a community development professional, blending problem solving abilities with exceptional creativity to deliver unparalleled community experiences.

When Seraphina is not coaching, teaching dance, or modeling, you can find her working with The Great Gotham Challenge, running immersive scavenger hunts throughout Manhattan, or working the occasional farmers market for Grow NYC.


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