Connection Coaching

You will grow in your personal and professional life, from dating to communication clarity to confidence.

I came to Seraphina when I was looking for a coach in communication and connection. She has been a huge inspiration to me. Trustworthy and supportive, she was able to relate my habit of getting in a funk (and then being there for a while) to growing up in some variation of dysfunction, which I had never previously put together. Really helpful.

Seraphina is passionate about people. With a background in Sociology, work with TEDx, and experience launching, managing and organizing a series of small businesses in Manhattan and Alaska, she is experienced in gracefully and joyously getting people unstuck.

Seraphina has worked with individuals from their early twenties to their early seventies. From working with CEOs, to entrepreneurs, to companies like Untied - Seraphina will help you move through vulnerable times and offer tools to transition with confidence and clarity.

This year, Seraphina also cofounded and developed a workshop titled Movement, Sound, and Connection. Most recently, she’s presented this workshop for Creative Mornings, The Artist’s Co-Op, The Ashokan Center, and The Dance Flurry. Description below:

We live in a world with increasing distraction and stimulation. Screens everywhere we look and yet we know that some of the most useful information comes from our own bodies. How can you listen to what your body is telling you? How can that information help you to be curious, present and kind? During this workshop, participants will explore techniques to prevent body disassociation and will be guided through new forms of play. You can expect a sensory journey of syncopation silliness, authentic relating tools, extended eye contact, interactive sound machines, exercises borrowed from EMDR, tuning meditations, pinky activities, and more!

To book this workshop, send her an email.