You will embody the creative process in new ways, experience greater connection, and transcend artistic limitations.

Seraphina almost intuitively knows what the shot needs. Very professional and super positive. She embodies her role and comes to life as whatever it is you require her to portray. A breath of fresh air. A pleasure to create with. I really look forward to our next shoot.

Seraphina works as an art model at SVA (School of Visual Arts) in Manhattan and works as a freelance model for individuals, projects, and companies. With a background in acting and performing arts, modeling has become one of her favorite ways to create and find connection through the human form. She is available for commercial, print, and film.

Seraphina can also be hired through the Oscar Modeling Agency.


  • AGE - 26
  • HEIGHT 5'8''
  • WAIST - 27
  • HIPS - 38
  • CHEST - 34
  • EYE COLOR - Hazel
  • HAIR COLOR - Brown
  • HAIR LENGTH - Long

For more portfolio work, you can find her model account on Instagram @model.seraphina